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Best Motivational Speech EVER! By Les Brown – Will Change Your Life 2015 – YouTube


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Best Motivational Video – Speeches Compilation 1 Hour Long – YouTube

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How to Influence People and Get what you Want – Tony Robbins – YouTube

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Powerful: Confidence Spoken Affirmations with binaural tones for Healthy Self-esteem – YouTube

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LiveJournal – Android Apps on Google Play

I’ve decided to harness the power of journaling. This app can be used as a more convenient/fluent way to stay consistent and keep organized. I hope this helps empower people. Source: LiveJournal – Android Apps on Google Play

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Colonel Sanders KFC Starts Business at 66 – When will you get started ? – YouTube

Awesome inspiring story. Slangin dat chicken.

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Cash Flow Quadrant (Full Video) – YouTube

One of my mentors.

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Protect your devices

These are the first two apps i install on all of my devices. For andriod:

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Sharing Resources

In some weird way i felt as if i shouldn’t share some of my resources, i think outta fear of losing significance/importance and/or respect, or feeling insulted for lack of accreditation. I’ve recognize this behavior periodically throughout my life, and

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Credit Dispute

Results came in sooner then expected through TransUnion has completed their investigation of my credit report dispute request. Account Name – PROG FIN SRV Original Creditor – 01 COX ARIZONA PHOENIX Open Date – Apr 21, 2016 Status –

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