Are companies with a high turn-over rate praying for your early demise?


Sometime last year around middle 2015 after about a year and a half of working at my old call center job, I was browsing through my employee account online through ADP workforce now, and had stumbled across a life insurance plan that I had felt I was unaware of. What had came to my mind was the documentary “Capitalism: A Love Story” from Michael Moore and how how a company’s life insurance plan that they have on you is can be for LIFE, even after you stop working there.

I had already been working there about a year and a half but i hadn’t listed a beneficiary. I couldn’t remember (and still don’t remember) ever being informed of this life insurance plan or signing any consent, but i figured they probably slipped it in somewhere, , so i looked up if they can do that and basically found out yes. Will the course of next month’s while talking with coworkers everybody that I had talked about it with had the same and wasn’t aware either.

Just today I was talking with my friends on the phone about life insurance living & trust funds & beneficiaries, and had informed me that his job (which is a similar job to my old one) also gave him a life insurance plan but was unsure on whether it was on accident or automatic, i enlightened him about the info i had come across, we then briefly debated about wheather family or the government would automatically gain estates if beneficiary wasn’t listed. Our phone call had gotten interrupted and ended unexpectedly, so i searched online and sent him links to the info i had come across and looked up the most recent news i could find about it.

I fugured this would be something that I would like to explain to all of my friends, so i wrote this blog post with the links below, so that i really only have to explain once. Judging by my personal experience I think that probably 90% or more people were and propabaly still are unaware as well.

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The many ways companies profit from hastening employees’ deaths





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