Best Motivational Speech EVER! By Les Brown – Will Change Your Life 2015 – YouTube

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Best Motivational Video – Speeches Compilation 1 Hour Long – YouTube

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How to Influence People and Get what you Want – Tony Robbins – YouTube

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Powerful: Confidence Spoken Affirmations with binaural tones for Healthy Self-esteem – YouTube

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LiveJournal – Android Apps on Google Play


I’ve decided to harness the power of journaling. This app can be used as a more convenient/fluent way to stay consistent and keep organized. I hope this helps empower people.

Source: LiveJournal – Android Apps on Google Play

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Colonel Sanders KFC Starts Business at 66 – When will you get started ? – YouTube

Awesome inspiring story. Slangin dat chicken.

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Cash Flow Quadrant (Full Video) – YouTube

One of my mentors.

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Protect your devices


These are the first two apps i install on all of my devices.

For andriod:

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Sharing Resources


In some weird way i felt as if i shouldn’t share some of my resources, i think outta fear of losing significance/importance and/or respect, or feeling insulted for lack of accreditation. I’ve recognize this behavior periodically throughout my life, and now as i’m am focusing even more on self improvement I’ve noticed that I’ve been debating with myself about this even more often. While distinguishing fears from smart decisions, and learning more and more day by day, I’ve come to the conclusion that this is a fear at the current time in my live. So as i am building the habit of overcoming fears, here i am tackling this one and sharing my resources.

Here’s just a few great resources I’ve come across. (I’ll add more later):

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Credit Dispute

Results came in sooner then expected through TransUnion has completed their investigation of my credit report dispute request.
Account Name – PROG FIN SRV
Original Creditor – 01 COX ARIZONA PHOENIX
Open Date – Apr 21, 2016
Status – Open
Balance – $418
Submitted to TransUnion – Jun 23, 2016
Completion Date – Jul 14, 2016
My score from TransUnion® improved 93 points!
Item Results –
Result: Deleted – TransUnion has deleted the account or record from your TransUnion credit report.
Dispute Reasons –
Accuracy: This record contains multiple inaccuracies. Please verify the accuracy of all data.
The terms are incorrect.
You can dispute anything without any negitive affect on your credit.
Connect with me everywhere, Check out my My Directory of Social Accounts:
and if your interested in exploring the oppurtunity of an internet avenue of income, your welcome to check out mine at , for spanish
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